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Chaperones: Free!

Adult to
Child Ratio:

Age 8+: 1 to 12
Age 7‐8: 1 to 10

Culture & History Workshops

Culture & History Workshops provide hands-on (and feet-on!) opportunities for youth to interact with tradition bearers and explore various aspects of our culture and history. These workshops bring history alive for participants.

Included in these workshops are guided tours of of our museums and may include opportunities for costumed, Historical Role-Play.

Workshops are available on Wednesdays and Fridays. Download the registration form

Current workshop topics include:

Crucian Folklife Demonstrations

Experience interactive one-on-one demonstrations of Crucian folklife with tradition-bearers of the community. Children are divided into groups and rotate around the grounds to each demonstration station. Demonstrations include conch shell blowing, candy making, Cariso, fish pot construction and more! Demonstrators may vary from date to date so every experience is different!

Walk Like A Mocko Jumbie

Have you ever dreamed of being a Mocko Jumbie? Learn the history and tradition. Make masks and try walking on stilts.

Historical Role-Play

Travel back in time to the 1700s. Meet historic characters and take part in the life of a sugar plantation. Wear costumes and learn to tell the story of Estate Whim.

Historic Treasure Hunt

Treasures are everywhere at Estate Whim. Sharpen your detective skills and see what you can find.

In the Cookhouse with Grandma

Come and see the cooking in the 17th Century cookhouse, taste the ole time Johnny cakes and learn its rich and tasty history.

Can You Dig It? (Mock Archaeological Dig)

Meet an archaeologist. Discover historic sites of St. Croix and take part in a dig. Get dirty and have fun!

Children’s Family History Project

Become a history detective and learn about how to find your old-time family!

Old-Time Games on My Great-Grandparents’ Porch

Learn the games that your great-grandparents played.

Quadrille 101: Learn to Dance

Part of our Come Home to St. Croix summer event!

Quelbe: Virgin Islands Music & Its Instruments

Part of our Come Home to St. Croix summer event!

Bamboula: More Than a Dance

Part of our Victor Borge Listen & Learn Program!

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