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Please join us and lend your financial support to our mission to advance the understanding and appreciation of the unique historical and cultural legacy of St. Croix.

We invite you to participate in the work of the St. Croix Landmarks Society. The education programs and preservation initiatives detailed throughout this website are supported by revenues from our events and through:




Site Rentals, and

The Estate Whim Museum Store


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    We thank each of you, on behalf of our Board of Trustees and those who benefit from our initiatives, a truly diverse group:

    the child who walks like a Mocko Jumbie

    the elder who shares the traditions of her childhood

    the family researcher who unearths treasure in our Research Library

    the adult who learns to repair a rubble wall, cane a chair or play a scratch instrument

    the visitor who stands in awe of the courage, ingenuity and skill responsible for the mills, chimneys, great houses, vernacular structures and sacred sites that dot the shores, plains and hillsides of St. Croix

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